Helping suppliers of lab, life science and diagnostic products reach global r&D community


Market Research

If you need a complete understanding of market of lab, life science or diagnostic products then you need not look elsewhere. We can conduct in-depth primary and secondary market research so that you can make informed business decisions

Digital Marketing

Want to reach out to global R&D community in the most economical way? If yes, then promote your products via (; an online e-commerce marketplace exclusive for lab, life science and diagnostic products. The portal is hosting 200,000+ products from 100+ brands and is visited by 1000s of researchers across the world


Since more than 5 years, we have been engaged in distribution of life science products from companies such as ThermoFisher Scientific, Invitrogen, MP Biomedicals and Eurofins in India. We can handle all aspects right from imports to marketing to distribution of life science and lab products


In a short time, Chargen has been able to export lab, life science and diagnostic products out of India to more than 15 countries. It prides itself of setting up labs and hospitals in middle east and african countries. If you need one item or 100s of lab items, just drop in a line and shipment will be on its way !

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We help life science suppliers reach the R&D community through unique solutions
Serving R&D Community Across the World

Chargen Life Sciences, formed in 2012, has been established to serve researchers in the life sciences, healthcare and diagnostics industry. Chargen's governing principle is to provide affordable solutions in a timely manner to advance research and improve healthcare in the country. In a very short time, Chargen Life Sciences has been able to create a loyal customer base all over Mumbai and have earned a reputation for its fast and reliable service and complete commitment. Our team, which comprises of scientists, further helps our customers choose the right product for their research needs. In the coming years, Chargen Life Sciences aims to establish itself as a leading provider of innovative and affordable solutions to research institutes all over the country.

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